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Welcome to Sa Santé!

January 2, 2018

Sa Santé is kicking off with a move to our new office with Summit Primary Care and Aspen Ridge Counseling!

How is Sa Santé pronounced?

January 4, 2018

Sa Santé is pronounced saw-SAWN-tee.  This is french for "her health", which is the foundation of everything we do. Fun fact...according to the World Health Organization France's health system is ranked #1 in the world while the United States is #37.  French healthcare for women is known for its high quality, efficiency and affordability. France's excellence in health care is, in part, due to it's extraordinarily open and communicative relationship with patients. At Sa Santé we invite this same openness and communication.

Genetically-guided Healthy Weight program in action right here...

January 4, 2018

Stay tuned for Wendy's personal journey through our program.

Wendy Step 1: DNA Test

January 5, 2018

Today was the easiest step ever taken on the road to the optimal me. The picture makes it look as if it was very painful but all to this step was a minute of swabbing my cheek! I am excited for this journey. It will be interesting to see how the advancements of medicine along with help from Sa Santé can help me to become the "optimal" me. I am ready after all of the years of trying to find the right "balance". Let the journey begin!!

genetic testing weight loss

Weight Loss Success

January 20, 2018

The path of success for another patient.